Important Of Spoken English

Important Of Spoken English

Spoken English is a buzz word in the world in the 21st century. To meet this demand English Patshala plays a significant role to provide the best service for learning English. 

As a medium of communication English Language is a crucial element to express our pain or pleasure, happiness or sorrow, feelings, emotions, and ideas to others. It contributes to develop the stage of the human social and cultural part. We can not think of any nation who leads their life without using any language. Because it is a disappear organ of body, lacking this part of a man is treated as an incompetent person. A million years ago people had not any language to speak. For this reason, man treated like an animal to communicate with others. This is a great gift of God that, only humans have developed a language that has made them different from animals. Now it is seen that there are about 5000 languages, spoken in the world today. Every country has its own language that is called the mother tongue. By using the mother tongue people can share and express their emotions as well as ideas in a specific country. Because of this difference of language a foreign man fails to communicate with people, he seems those people like an alien. This is really negative site of multifarious languages. As a solution of these difficulties to understand the language English is the dominant language in the world. Most of the countries of this world speak English as a second or a foreign language. As a second language English has popularity in many countries. English language is easy to learn and it has some beneficial qualities that make it a second language as well as an intermediate language. English is prominent media to connect with a foreign man and this is the way to make a strong bonding or a relationship with them. 

If anybody wants to travel to any country in the world he will face different problems without knowing or Speaking English. By Speaking English People can enlarge their culture, organization, in every sector of the country such as banking, business, education, treatment, communication, law and website where English spreads its quality and beauty. So spoken in English helps to get a good job opportunity and it helps those who plan  for a higher study from abroad, English creates a chance to have a growth in career as well as build up a strong community in this universe. World Famous books, novels, movies or music are written in English. Without the experience of speaking English. No one enjoys and gathers knowledge from these. A man who can speak in English properly, it means he has tremendous knowledge about English. Spoken English makes people able for reading, writing and listening but in this case, people have to have educational knowledge. Because of an uneducated person can not write or read though he can speak or listen. In the same way, an educated person who can read or write English but if his speaking level is poor, he can not develop his listening, reading, and writing skills perfectly. So it can be said that Spoken English is the main root to improve the rest of other skills. So this is inevitable to speak English as well as learn it. Because of the advantage and necessity of spoken English people should take proper steps for improving themselves. In our country, most of the people feel the importance of learning English as well as speaking English. And they are taking necessary measures to learn and practice English.

There are so many well-known institutes, coaching, and organizations in our country and English Patshala is one of them. It is located at Mirpur-10 in Dhaka. In this institute, there are provided multifarious services and facilities to develop the skill of English. English Patshala is a suitable place for learning and gaining proper knowledge about English. English Patshala contributes an important role to build up a better career as well as a superior life for a student or a learner. All of the students of this institute, they feel great and pleasure because of achieving the real power of English in their standard and brightest life. If anybody is keen on improving his/her English, I would suggest selecting English Patshala. Because this is a reputed language institute where people can enroll themselves to get expert guidance. On the other hand, it is well decorated and contains different batches such as IELTS, Pre-IELTS, Basic English, Spoken English, Written English, Business English, Spoken Club, Phonetics and Phonology, and practice facilities etc. English Patshala is designed to increase the ability of a learner to learn English and speak English. It is easy to find this institute for its suitable location, Mirpur-10, Dhaka. If we want to develop our communication skills as well as the better position in life. We should not underestimate English. It is quite impossible to replace English by other languages overnight where English is an international language and people all over the world communicate in English as a second language. So to have an excellent degree and to be an educated person learning and speaking English is a vital part or element of knowledge. That is why we should take a useful measure to get proper knowledge about English.

Written By:

Shahnaj Pervin
Student, English Patshala
Spoken English and IELTS

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